Storytellers of our Lives

Photo by Ivaylo Gueorgiev

Like people, glass is both forgiving and easily shattered. It is sometimes clear, and other times opaque. It can allow us to see inside, or look outside. Glass is the perfect medium to translate this expression into an art exhibit to encourage the viewers to contemplate humility, grace, and empathy.

Captured Leaves

I started creating captured leaves back in Nebraska. We had an Empress Tree in the backyard – they don’t flower in Nebraska, so the energy creates huge leaves, some spanning as much as 30″ wide. The challenge of casting such a large leaf drew my attention, and I was able to successfully cast three large leaves, the largest about 24″ wide.

Recreating Fleeting Moments in Glass

I look at objects and places around me for interesting textures, colors and design. Over the last couple of years I have been focused on the environment.

In 2020, I raised caterpillars and released the butterflies. This practice led to a new body of work. I also studied the leaves of the Empress Tree and cast small to giant glass leaves. My goal as a maker is to bring nature indoors and start a conversation about preservation.