School is Back in Session! (aka ME TIME)

Ah, the sound of the squealing brakes as the bus pulls up to the corner.  My two most adorable children load themselves on, and what does this mean?  ME TIME!

Ok. I must admit that ME TIME is less exciting now that the studio is set up at home. After all, most of the summer I was in the coolest place in the house, working on projects, rearranging stashes of this and boxes of that.

But ME TIME is definitely a cherished time in every mother’s life.  It’s the time when you can go to the bathroom without wondering if someone will walk in on you, lounge around all day without hearing that one little word, “MOM!”, eat Oreos for breakfast without wondering if you are a poor role model.

So, now that school is back in, what will I do with my ME TIME?  Enjoy the peace and quiet…  Frolick as I like without my tweenager thinking I’m a Weird-O…  Catch up on personal projects… the valances that are cut and not sewn… updating denim jackets for the fall… walk the dog, just a little longer… contemplate the shapes of clouds… read a book, not a magazine, but an actual book… get even with my Tween…My Tweenager

And yes, CREATE!  Watch the wonders of ME TIME unfold right here on my blog.

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