Busy Day!

I started this morning shortly after the kids hit the bus…  Last night I cut the pieces for the latest in the Little Fishie Series.  This morning I finished the stitching and beadwork, and the framing this afternoon.

Meet Goldie and Han:

“Goldie and Han” is a little smaller than the previous pieces in the series, they are 6×6, with an 11″ square frame, but matted to 5.75 square.  (I got a new mat cutter.)

This piece incorporates only lampwork beads I made in addition to the cotton and silk materials used in creating this mini art quilt.

Goldie and Han will debut at the Seward Fall Art & Craft Show this weekend.

When I was walking Bug I received a call from a gallery in Omaha, interested in my Lampworking.  I spent the evening working on some holiday inspired pieces, as long as the kiln behaves, they should be ready to photo tomorrow… a Christmas Tree, Red & Green Elephant and Red & Green Ball.

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