Waiting for Snow

Up until Sunday, here in Nebraska, winter seemed so far away.  I’ve been watching the various birds flutter around in the trees, eating dried berries and bugs, and whatever else they may come across.

We still haven’t seen any snow.  The kids declared Minnesotans “Lucky” when they heard about their inch an hour snowfall.  Maybe we’ll see snow for the holidays.  Maybe not.  Either way, this pair is still waiting (they’re waiting for a mat and frame too!):


5 thoughts on “Waiting for Snow”

  1. I thought for a while yesterday were were going to have some of the White Stuff stick to the ground–alas, we will have to continue to watch and wait for a white Christmas–Oh Well–Christmas is more that a ‘Post Card’ event. Christmas (the Holidays) for me is about family, church, and quality time with friends!

    To Dori and her readers,
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and hopes for a Great New Year in 2013!

  2. BTW–please let me know when those Cardinals are all ‘snug and warm’ in their very own frame & mat–I have the perfect spot for them–my sun room is not very sunny, but it is a wonderful place to observe the ‘abundant’ wild life I get in my yard. Your cardinals could keep me company on the days that wild life is scares.

    How much?

    1. Thank you Theresa. These Cardinals are wrapped up snuggly heading North to their Christmas Destination. But there will likely be other feathered friends coming. Not sure what it is about feathers and gils – if it’s just texture or something more, but both definitely find their way to my hands and machine 🙂

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