The Spirit of Abundance

Liz Ann Necessities – Roxy bag.Shop Liz Ann Necessities on Etsy

I’m sure many of my readers don’t know that I used to sell Tastefully Simple.  It’s a wonderful company, great products, and a very supportive environment.  For those who enjoy sales, I would definitely recommend.  And if you need a fix, I can hook you up with friends who still sell.

The reason I bring this up today is that as I entered the art & craft world, I frequently hear artisans complain about competition, and worse, people who copy other people’s work.

I was looking up another member of the Omaha Craft Mafia, and mistakenly thought that she had two businesses.  As I dug deeper, I found that I had her crossed with another Liz, a very talented purse-maker.  I respect her work, she does a wonderful job and her style is definitely one that I appreciate.  In this “investigation” I discovered she has a purse similar to my 3-in-1, and it showed up on the scene after this year’s craft shows began.

You might even find it odd that I gave you Liz’ Etsy shop – yes, I did, because her purse has an adjustable strap and she offers a nice array of fabrics.

What makes me chuckle, is later shows I did have customers who said “Oh I saw this at XYZ show”… shows I was never at.  I even had a vendor early on purchase a 3-in-1 and return it an hour later because she decided she didn’t like it.  She had already confided to me that she sewed.  Of course I thought these instances were connected.  Now I think that the customers saw Liz’ bags and mine, saw the similarities and that was that.

Sorry I digressed… I bring this all up because there is plenty to go around. I learned this during the 5 years I sold Tastefully Simple, it is one of the Values held dear in the hearts of consultants nationwide. There are lots of customers, there are lots of variety in the arts and crafts, and even if someone outright copies your work, it’s still not the same (not to mention, it’s a huge compliment!).  So go forth my friends, create, shop for what you need, want and like, and be abundant!

1 thought on “The Spirit of Abundance”

  1. Reading your post gave me ‘goosebumps’. You gave us an “evolved’ message. This ‘message’ can be extrapolated to so, so many other situations.

    I have a few ‘Tastefully Simple’ items in my spice cupboard–I will now enjoy them even more because of what you shared with us. A good company with a good “attitude”–how knew!

    Thank you for sharing this message and your feelings about your craft. COOL!

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