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Fire Up the Torch!

January means there’s a BIG elephant in the room…Dark Pink Elephant

It’s Tax Time.

And that meant spending a couple hours in the studio taking inventory.  Yes, even the rods of glass.  I did count the thick rods, but the thin ones I guesstimated.  Then, I had to dig out my old invoices to find out how much they all cost.  But, it’s all worth it.  Aside from a few printouts, I’m ready for schedule C.  (I told Funky Jim my goal was to complete the business taxes before our 1099s and W2s arrived, and I did it!).

Oh, did you want to know more about the Dark Pink Elephant?  Both sides are decorated (almost) the same.  She’s made of a dark pink glass, with olive greens and blues.  She’s about 50mm tall, and will be outfitted with a bail to hang on a chain.  Once she’s ready to go, she will travel to Gallery 92 West in Fremont to hang around (pun intended) the Loft (their Gift Shop) until she finds a new home.

And her backside…



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