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Sometimes the Creative Genie…

hides in the oil lamp.Money Dreams - Genie Oil Lamp

I had two full days with zero for plans other than CREATE.  But I guess my Genie (muse, guide) decided otherwise.  Instead, I worked on the Gallery 92 West website and a bit for the Library.  I made a run to the store for some supplies for Purselettes, and hit Target for other items on the list.

I even spent more than the average 40 minutes a day playing with Bug! (40 minutes is the amount of time the average family spends with their dog)

All said and done… I am thankful today for artist trading groups.  If it weren’t for the trades I signed up for this month, I might not have done anything CREATIVE!  Today’s lovelies:

“Welcome Spring Quiltie” – done in Stitch n Slash style.  A little difficult to do on such a small piece (6″ square), but still fun!


The other is a Postcard Trade – “Curves and Circles”.  I used the new techniques I’m learning from Lisa Call to make this card.



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