Unpredictable Upredictable. Fabrics, yarns, glass beads. 10×7 $350

After creating a significant pile of dyed, stenciled, screen-printed and painted fabrics, I cut them into strips and bound them together to create a quilted background for my latest fiber piece, Unpredictable.

The long fiber beads (I’m not sure what else to call them) I created using rope, scraps of fabric and fancy yarns and embroidery floss.  They are anchored to the background, and complimented with the richness of gold embroidery and glass beads.

Unpredictable is a statement about humanity – one thing we all have in common is passion.  Our passions vary.  They ebb and flow.  They are like the 5 oceans of the world, unpredictable.  But, like the oceans, we are all bound (stitched) together.

Unpredictable will be traveling in the Studio Art Quilt Associate Trunk Show, starting in April 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska.