Artist Statement

I create tactile artwork. My art tells stories which unfold during the creation process. The stories are tactile for the viewer through their sense of touch and also visual in their viewing of the design.

Whether smooth, rough, loosely woven or tightly knit, each fiber has a way of telling its own story, and as I dye, embroider, sew or embellish with beads, that story unfolds. I listen to the fabric and other materials with my fingers and hands. Sometimes the fabric flows easily under my needle, the threads and yarns seeming to stitch themselves. At other times, there is much more pushing and pulling, as the story becomes heavier and more intense.

The same is true for the glass pieces I create. The nature of transparent and translucent glass allows for different narratives to be told depending on the lighting, location and even the position of the piece. When I work with smooth glass, I often add layers of glass and enamels to build up the imagery and texture. I carve, grind and polish to enhance the story. Casting fabric artwork and other items into glass gives a new voice to existing objects.

Even when I create a piece of jewelry, my fingers and hands run over the edges to ensure they are smooth, while my eye is drawn to the way the light dances off the metals because of the hammering & heat work.

As the narrator, I encourage you to touch my artwork and listen to the otherwise untold stories.