I am a multi-passionate artist working primarily with salvaged (recycled materials) to bring awareness to the environment and encourage others to make small changes to create a positive impact.

I create tactile artwork.

I could give you the cliche’, “My art is inspired by nature.” And it is. What truly inspires me is looking into the eyes of animals and wondering what they’re thinking and if they are as amazed by me as I am of them. I’m also inspired in the garden looking at all of the amazing colors and textures, and pulling weeds and transplanting to create a new space that will hopefully create a new and improved home for butterflies, birds, bunnies or bumblebees.

When I head into the studio, I think about these friends in nature.  And like reaching out to the bunny, or planting seeds, my hands are fully engaged in the art materials.  Sure, I use tools, paint brushes instead of spades, blades instead of rakes, but my hands hold and shape the clay that becomes the subject of a cast glass piece.  Or I dip my fingers or hands in the paint and mush it around on the canvas (or glass panel). I may even use my nails to scratch subtle marks, or push pieces of powdered glass back into place.

So please, go ahead and touch my artwork. Experience it the way I do, with your eyes and hands.