• The highest peak east of the Mississippi

    The highest peak east of the Mississippi

    Exploring. Although most of our time in North Carolina was spent working on the yard, we were able to sneak in a whole day of enjoying the mountains. We took the Blue Ridge over to Mount Mitchell State Park, and since we forgot our walking sticks, I chose the kiddie trail. There was still ice […]

  • Cast Glass Quilts – The Process

    Cast Glass Quilts – The Process

    A lot of patrons and other artists ask me how I make the glass quilts.  As I explain that glass quilt is cast from a real fabric quilt piece, I start to see the wheels turning and receive questions like, “So you mean you put the glass on the quilt and put it into the […]

  • The Royal Leaf

    The Royal Leaf

    Many years ago, when newspapers were all the rage, I would read carefully through all of the sections (except sports, eh), including the weird ads and the Parade. There was an ad for this fantastic looking tree that grows like 40 feet a year and has huge purple flowers all summer long. Our backyard didn’t […]

  • Seeking Allocasuarina

    Seeking Allocasuarina

    Last month I mentioned I was returning to painting on glass using enamels. To achieve the depth of colors and surface textures, this piece has been painted and fired in the kiln 7 times. This piece came out of the kiln last week and has been mounted and will be ready for exhibition (or purchase) […]