Mr. Sketch MarkersDori Settles is a child of the 70’s.  Some of her fondest memories involve scented markers. Her undergraduate studies in Sign Language Interpreting, Communications and Linguistics also included several elective art courses. After working as an interpreter, and later a software test engineer, she “retired” to motherhood, and began to pursue creative endeavors as the children became more independent. Settles’ love of arts & craft led her to renting a studio in the Hot Shops, and eventually she opening and managing an art space with a boutique gallery for three years.

It was during this time, she met a variety of artists and learned many artists needed more than a space to be successful. She took her existing small business and corporate knowledge, and sought out information on professional development for artists to provide business support to the artists showing and teaching in the gallery.

Settles’ experience with the gallery also led to judging art shows and co-curating for local art organizations.

Since closing the art space, Settles’ is continuously advancing her skills and techniques through workshops and approaches much of her glass work scientifically, asking “what if”, and recording results. She pushes the known boundaries in hopes of discovering new ways to work with a very ancient material.