offering dishes


Boat shaped bowls are roughly 14″ long by 5″ wide by 1 1/2″ deep.  They are decorated with a great deal of texture. Not all are solid, and it is not recommended to use them for direct food contact.  Great for display, or serving candy, or as a fruit bowl. Glass is prepared and kiln fired in 3 to 5 stages before a final bowl results.  $95-145 each*.


Plates are roughly 9″ square with a diamond shaped base. They are embellished and intended for decorative purposes, or for serving foods that do not directly touch. Glass is prepared and fired 3 times before the final plate is ready.  $115-145 each*.


Dishes are 6″ square. Like bowls and plates, dishes are intended for decorative use, but certainly could be used as a trinket or soap dish. Glass is prepared and fired 3 times before the dish is complete.  $45-65 each*.

*Certain colors and iridescent glass incur a small surcharge.