I started making basic jewelry several years ago when I learned how to lampwork (make glass beads). For the most part, those pieces were basic beaded items using ready made components. I kept my eye on wanting to learn silversmithing because I knew it would provide more options for my beads. Eventually, I took a beginner course and just kept going.  That was in 2016. Ironically, I found that I love natural stones, and haven’t made many jewelry pieces with glass. Although I am starting to come back around to lampworking now that my stone collection is dwindling.

One of my favorite metalsmithing techniques is piercing and hand sawing designs. I focus those designs on the natural world – animals and plants, and, when it makes sense I incorporate them into my stone settings as well. Sometimes it’s part of the overall design, other times it’s a silhouette on the back of a pendant.

And, of course, as an avid repurposer, I really like to use metal scraps to create a new piece.

Please check back often to view my newest designs.

Photo Credit (this page): Devlin Limbach Photography