My Art Credo

When I was little, I attended a lot of art classes for kids.  Some of my fondest art memories include shellac and

Mr. Sketch MarkersMr. Sketch markers.  Do you see a trend – you’d think I’d have become a perfumer with my memories being strongly tied to the sense of smell.  I remember making mobiles using hangers, tissue paper and shellac.  Mr. Sketch markers were always part of good coloring projects – the biggest one, a (somewhat) 3d house – 100% colored by Mr. Sketch.

I also used to sit for hours in front of the tv with crayons, paper and scissors. I made lots of stuff, although I’m sure the thing my dad will tell you I did best, make piles of cut paper.  I don’t think they were ever messy.  Certainly not as messy as my studio is after a day of sewing.

Somewhere in my tween & teen years, I became a more serious student and the art didn’t happen nearly as much.  I still doodled a lot. I did learn to sew, and I made several articles of clothing until the old machine and I no longer got along. But I never took a high school art class.

Fast forward to college – like so many students, you start out thinking you know what you want to do and find out you don’t, for whatever reason. For me, it was because the program at my school didn’t include sign language – they taught teachers of the Deaf in the science of oral education. So, I took up some art classes.  And like many college classes, there were certain assumptions, like that students took art classes during high school. But I did make it through, I had a couple of painting classes and drawing classes in addition to the history and humanities.

Moving brought me to a place where sign language was accepted, and I took up interpreting for some time, finished my degree in communications, and eventually joined the corporate world.  Ever drawn to art, and perhaps not even knowing it, I took up web design and graphic arts on the side (personal and volunteer).

Having been on many paths, all leading to the same place, I am making art “full time” – in between cooking, cleaning, schlepping kids, laundry, and volunteering.  In the process of reclaiming my creative side, I have found that art is very meditative, a spiritual process.  It leads me in new directions and challenges me to discover new things.  For example, I started the Little Fishie series – and learned about this cool new fish – the Mandarin fish – ok the fish isn’t new, but it’s new to me, and maybe new to you –

Mandarin Fish
Cool Colorful Mandarin Fish

I’m also studying about communication throughout time in preparation for an entry into SAQA’s exhibition, Text Messages.

I’ve also learned about myself.  Visiting galleries and looking at other art, I have found myself to be a little bit of an art snob.  Not the kind of snob that tears apart other people’s work, but the kind who skips over the stuff that is (personally) unappealing.  Why? Because

  I Believe Art Should Be…

Accessible ~ Playful ~ Inspirational ~ Affordable ~ Usable ~ Conversational ~ Colorful ~ Freeing ~ Enticing ~ Public ~ Rewarding ~ Pleasurable ~ Noticeable ~ Personal ~ Fun ~ Educational ~ Welcoming ~ Engaging ~ Understandable ~ Uplifting and

Nothing Short of Amazing

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