photo of Vitreous Enamel on Glass
Contemplation (African Lion)
8 x 8 inches

Vitreous Enamel on Glass

As a glass artist, I have been seeking new ways to use salvaged glass. I have found that I can use many of the same mark making techniques with a variety of vitreous enamels. I can create depth through multiple pieces of glass or multiple enamel layers. I can add texture by applying the enamel in different viscosities, including dry, and by firing at different temperatures. In fact, temperature has a direct impact on color, and can be very useful.

I chose to use vitreous enamel paintings for a large number of pieces in Before We’re Gone 2019.

Koko (wester lowland gorilla)
Dimensional Powder Painting on Glass
10 x 10 inches

Dimensional Powder Paintings

Dimensional powder paintings are created with finely ground powdered glass that is applied through sifters. Some of the sifters are wide, some narrow, and I also use a tool, called a chakpur, that is similar to the ones the Tibetan Monks use to create sand mandalas. The chakpur is a copper cone with ridges on it. A bamboo stick similar to a chopstick is rubbed along the ridges to control the flow of the powdered glass. The powders are fired at lower temperatures than traditionally used for fused glass, which helps them retain their texture, rather than melting.