Koi Fish in Seaweed Sculpture by Dori and Jim Settles

Koi Fish in Seaweed


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Do you remember bringing home a goldfish from a school festival when you were young?  And the poor fish came home in a plastic bag, and if it was lucky, the fish might get a nice fishbowl and live a few months.  When I was younger, we had a goldfish that had an incredibly long tail, and lived for what seemed like forever. Probably a year, maybe two in kid-time, definitely more than months, because I remember buying new furnishings for the fishbowl.  Although Goldfish and Koi aren’t the same species, they do look a lot alike.

In Japanese culture, the Koi fish is associated with good fortune and abundance. Blue Koi fish actually appear more grey. A blue koi instills a sense of calmness. These are the fish that are frequently depicted on vintage tea sets.

Koi Fish in Seaweed was created using recycled shards of glass from previous projects mixed with powdered glass. To complete the sculpture, Jim forged seaweed and welded it to a steel base.  The base has been carefully painted and sprayed with a clear coat for protection.


Koi Fish in Seaweed is created using the pâte de verre technique with recycled shards of art glass and powdered glass.

FINISHED SIZE: 12 x 12 x 4 inches

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