Golf Ball Cactus

Mammillaria Herrerae


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Part of the Before We’re Gone 2019 Series.

The Golf Ball Cactus is found in one area in the world, in the mountains of Queretaro, Mexico. Collectors pay the locals to help locate and remove the cacti, causing a population decline, with estimates of only 50-400 plants in the wild.

Did you know?

Roughly one-third of all cacti are considered endangered. The largest threat to cacti is removal from the native environment; many are highly desired resulting in illegal trade.

Cacti provide shelter, food and water for many desert animals. The prickly spines protect them from predators.


Painted using vitreous enamels. Each layer is fired in the kiln prior to the painting of the next layer. The base glass is salvaged glass that came from old store shelving.

MOUNTED SIZE: 16 x 16 x 1.125 inches

Permanently mounted to a professional birch and pine cradle board and wired for easy hanging.  The cradle board has been painted black and sealed with micro-crystalline wax.