Pernambuco Pygmy Owl

Pernambuco Pygmy Owl


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First discovered by scientists in Brazil in 1980, the Pernambuco Pygmy Owl is thought to be near extinction. Their song is just 5-7 notes long, and only heard during April and May.

Did you know?

Central and South America are home to many unique and beautiful plants and animals. In Central America, the largest threats to natural habitats is illegal cattle ranching. Brazil has been in the news (2019) for wildfires and massive deforestation. These fires are often set by ranchers making clearing for their cattle herds. There are roughly 55,000 known species of plants and flowers thriving in Brazil, over 30% are considered native (over 16,000)!


Painted using vitreous enamels. Each layer is fired in the kiln prior to the painting of the next layer. The base glass is salvaged glass that came from old store shelving. Pâte de Verre leaves decorate the surface.

MOUNTED SIZE: 12 x 12 x 1 inches

Permanently mounted to a professional birch and pine cradle board and wired for easy hanging.  The cradle board has been painted black and sealed with micro-crystalline wax.

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