Vulnerable Lion

Vulnerable Lion


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Part of the Before We’re Gone 2019 series.

It’s rare to find a solitary lion, except in Kenya. African Lions are the only cats that live in family units. Although they have no natural predators, illegal trade, poaching and trophy hunting has made them the prey. In the last 100 years, the population of lions has declined by an estimated 90%, with only 20,000 left in the wild.


Painted with salvaged house paint on recycled canvas drop cloth.

FRAMED SIZE: 52 x 26 x 3 inches

Professionally stretched and framed by Visions Custom Framing in Omaha, Nebraska.

Please note price includes shipping in the continental U.S. (or delivery for local area) for the framed piece. If you are outside of the continental U.S. or would prefer to have the piece shipped unstretched for your own framing, please contact me to discuss a price adjustment.