Ze's Chrysalis Vessel by Dori Settles

Ze's Chrysalis Vessel


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Photo of butterfly on chrysalis
Ze hanging off her chrysalis letting her wings dry

During the summer, I found a Monarch caterpillar in the garden, and several friends said to bring it inside to safely pupate. Ze moved into her luxury laundry basket and about 10 days later emerged a beautiful butterfly. For several hours I was able to take close up photos and videos and really study her markings and the details of her face and body. I became addicted to raising butterflies, and started searching our milkweed regularly, eventually raising about a dozen Monarch butterflies by the end of the summer.



Pâte de verre work is created using clay to create a model. The clay is covered in in plaster, and once cured, the clay is removed. I then use colored powdered glass to create the exterior surface of the vessel, and after several layers of powdered glass have been sifted, I pack in three layers of glass paste. The work is set aside to dry overnight, and fired in the kiln. After removing the plaster, I wash the pieces and hand polish using diamond pads and finish with a coating of microcrystalline wax to seal the exterior surface.

FINISHED SIZE: 3.75H x 3.5 inches “diameter”

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