The Reconstituted Wine Bottle Series is an ongoing adventure into recycling wine bottles into something new and unexpected. Many of the projects are created to either sit or hang, with purposely placed openings and balanced weight. As you can see, they look fantastic in groupings:


Basic Reconstituted Sculptures use clear, green or amber glass as a base with a variety of enamel colors, and variety of combinations. They are priced at $75 each.

Beyond the basics include sculptures like the featured image on this page, Forbidden Fruit Bowl, Dragonfish (included in Before We’re Gone), and the Liquor Lobster (included in Under the Sea), priced individually.

Honeycomb Bees

Created using beer bottle bottoms, enamels and lampwork BEEds, $25 each, a portion of each sale is donated to Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, NE.