Seeking Allocasuarina

photo of black cockatoos

Last month I mentioned I was returning to painting on glass using enamels. To achieve the depth of colors and surface textures, this piece has been painted and fired in the kiln 7 times. This piece came out of the kiln last week and has been mounted and will be ready for exhibition (or purchase) in a couple of weeks once the mounting material has cured.

These are Glossy Black Cockatoos, an endangered bird in Australia. Loss of habitat (climate change, deforestation, fires), and loss of food source are the main reasons for their low numbers. Since 1995, when recovery efforts started, the population of the Glossies has slowly grown from roughly 150 to almost 400.

You Made it to the End…

In one of the art groups I belong to we discussed what we can do to respond to the systemic racism. I decided to start exploring contemporary black artists in the United States. I can learn more about their stories, their heritage, experiences and culture through their art. I’d like to share just a few with you:

Mark Bradford painting
Faith Ringgold fiber arts
Betye Saar assemblage
Carrie Mae Weems photography

Local (Nebraska/Iowa):

Celeste Butler fiber arts
Pamela Conyers-Hinson sculpture
Shawnequa Linder photography and painting
Therman Statom glass

While researching, I came across a local Deaf black artist in Lincoln, Artie Mack who came up with Black Lives Matter ASL t-shirts (now sold out). 

Stay safe, healthy and kind,

🙂 Dori

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