Glass objects are created from a variety of methods, and are very tactile, both in process and end results. They may start as a quilt, a found object or even clay. But after they emerge from the kiln, they are a durable piece of art that captures light and invites the fingers to touch.

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glass quilts

Glass Quilts are created from fabric that has been stitched, embellished and treated to be used as an original model. The fabric quilt becomes the base for the plaster mold, and is often destroyed in the process. The resulting glass piece picks up the original hand of the fabric and details, including folds and depth… Continue reading glass quilts

meditation gardens

Based on desktop Zen rock gardens, Meditation Gardens invite you to run your eyes and fingers to get lost in the imagery. They come with handmade copper rakes. Two basic sizes are available 4″x6″ and 5″x7″, and two themes, Earth or Sea. Prices start at $150. Raising Meditation Gardens to a new level, I’ve created… Continue reading meditation gardens


Buddhas are created using hand-built molds and a variety of glass powders and pieces.  After the initial firing, they are cleaned and glass leaves are added before they return to the kiln. $150 each.


An assortment of glass work that doesn’t necessarily fit a specific theme

offering dishes

Bowls, Plates, Dishes as objets d’art, or for gentle use

out of this world

Inviting the viewer to interact with the art to look for the unexpected…


When you can’t reduce, REUSE… Glass creations made from empty bottles, usually wine

under the sea

Maybe it’s because my name is Dori, but I really enjoy creating sealife…