Interactive Public Weaving Project

Originally installed at Hot Shops Art Center July 2017
Traveled to Apollon Art Space August 2017

I entered the art world by virtue of being an environmentally-conscious stay at home mom. I started to make purses and tote bags out of thrift store clothing. Later I branched into small fabric art pieces, again, fashioned from thrift store finds. I soon made my own glass beads, which led to fused glass. I started to drift more and more away from my green ways and began to use a lot of new materials.

Two years ago I attended a conference and met another artist who questioned, “creating stuff to make a statement”. Does the world really need more stuff? Since that discussion I’ve pondered my impact on the Earth as I create.

I know artists who create exclusively from natural and recycled materials; it would be difficult for me to do the same. When and where I can I try to incorporate old, used and raw materials with the idea not only to lessen my carbon footprint but also to keep some of the “stuff” out of the landfill.

At this show I offer the public an opportunity to engage with raw materials prepared for use in a large woven piece. I recruited friends, family and neighbors to gather plastic bags, clothing and glass as well as leftover yarns and fabric.

I invite YOU to be a COLLABORATING ARTIST! When you choose the material to weave into this piece, think about where it came from. Is it necessary? Is it wasteful? How do the materials make you feel?

I encourage you to consider your own purchases and use of resources like oil for plastic bags, cotton for fabric, sand and metals for glass. Will this project change the way you think about waste and recyclable material?

I look forward to the completion of this project and the conversations it promotes.