Talking Giraffes

If Giraffes Could Talk is one of my favorite pieces from my 2019 Before We’re Gone works.  There’s a lot of layers, lots of texture and most importantly a LOT of Giraffe.  I was listening to podcasts in the barn, and having a fun time creating messy big shapes with larger brushes than I normally use.  And when I backed away from the painting, I was amazed at how the Giraffe magically looked like he was talking, not eating.  That got me thinking, what would a Giraffe say if he could talk?

Would he tell jokes about the weather?  Would he complain about how hard it is to get up off the ground, or to get a drink from the local watering hole?

Or, maybe the Giraffe would tell you that he’s worried about his family and friends. As if running from and fighting off lions and hyenas isn’t enough, they have to deal with humans and climate change destroying their habitat and food.  With just over 100,000 giraffes worldwide, they are more vulnerable of extinction than elephants.

Acrylic house paint on salvaged canvas dropcloth
30″ x 16″, 2019 #3114

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