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Generations, Daniel Whetstone

In the summer, I strolled around Lauritzen Gardens looking for interesting features and art. It was hotter part of the summer, and many of the usual blooms were already spent. I stopped at the sculpture, “Generations”. I was drawn to this sculpture because it’s steel, and I’m married to a blacksmith.

Aside: Jim keeps telling me he’s not an artist, but when I ask for stands for my glass work, he creates them from scratch and nowadays, with little input from me.

I enjoyed the progression of the three parts, large to small.  I also liked the simple shape, a rectangle that has been gently bent, as if blown by the wind, or watching over the one before it. And, it is installed in a field of grasses.

The sculpture made it into the painting of the extinct-in-the-wild, Bromus Interuptus. It stands guard over the future Brome generations, which have been re-introduced by botanists in England.

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