Yes, it’s another Girl : Africa

Last night I kept talking about Africa, “She needs more…”  “Are Her ears ok”  “She’s Done”.  Jim asked how I know it’s a girl elephant.  Duh!  A mother always knows her child!

Hand-painted Cotton, crinkle metallic chiffon, free motion quilting, applique, lampwork glass eyes and tusks, colored pencil. 16″ x 16″

Africa is one of my largest pieces.  She didn’t start out that way in my head, but when I started cutting and laying the fabric, she just refused to be born small.  For those of you art quilters following my blog, drumroll please…

Africa is SIXTEEN inches square!

I’ll be framing her later on this weekend.  Africa will join India and the other Elephants on Parade in February at Gallery 92 West in Fremont.

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